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Founded in 2013, with 3-year rapid development, we now are one of the leading PV Junction box manufacturers in China. We are recognized as the country’s best and reliable supplier. Our staff has over ten years of combined experience in photovoltaic and export industry. Our products are now sold in more than 10 countries, enjoying increasing popularity among end-users.

What we do: We are a manufacturer of PV junction box and connector offering good quality and service at reasonable prices.

  • How to choose a photovoltaic junction box

    The main information for the selection of the junction box should be the current size of the component, one is the maximum working current...
  • Types of photovoltaic junction boxes

    Traditional photovoltaic junction box Its product features 1. The shell has strong anti-aging and ultraviolet resistance...
  • Structure of solar junction box

    There are many types of mainstream junction boxes on the previous market, with different styles. According to the connection method with the bus bar......
  • Development of photovoltaic junction box

    Types of junction boxes currently on the market: Type 1: Traditional. Structural features: shell with open back, electrical terminals (slider) are a......